Critical scene logjam just cleared up in my head.

“…those bang-ass lenses will translate it into something you can see.” – Killjoys, S2E1 Dutch and The Real Girl.
Randomly: I love Killjoys and it’s deliciously scummy tawdry little corner of a larger universe.
That line also brings up something I’ve been giving some thought to: slang, who uses it, what it is, where it’s used, etc. I need… at least two forms, I think, one for spacers and at least one for the (in my head at this time, increasingly weird) Pillar culture for New Novonikolayevsk (where Mara comes from).
One of the great little setting ideas in The Expanse is that spacers (Belters) use hand signals for lots of things, because it’s the only way to communicate quickly and reliably in a spacesuit.
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