A good chunk of the day was doing some worldbuilding on interstellar trade in a universe where maker/fabber tech is a big thing.

I think I’m at the conclusion that we’d be shipping really big things that worlds could not make for themselves, like farm machinery, and very small things they did not have the tech/skilled personnel base to support, like quantum-level computer ‘circuitry’. Makers can and do make both those things, but colonial worlds might well not have access to or be able to support the ones on either end of the spectrum.

Data and proprietary maker templates will still be big things. Some bulk goods transfer will occur. I’m not sure anyone is going to be shipping gigatonnes of rice, but several tons of, say, lanthanum to a system that doesn’t have an asteroid-mining industry yet (or doesn’t have a convenient belt in it’s system) would be feasible, it seems.kushner3-lookingnorth

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