The ‘Idea Notebook’ is a critical thing to keep. You never know when you’ll get a cool idea. This is what I like to call The Idea Cascade.
Today I was browsing the latest entries to the 5E Homebrew Tumblr ( and saw ‘Bard Schools – School of Requiem’. That triggered off an idea of desperate singer standing a lonely vigil over a bier in the snowy woods, with a withered hand protruding from the sticks.
That also unleashed a flood of images and half-remembered ideas about unusual funeral customs.
I’m literally in the middle of writing a novel, though, so I can’t just drop it to do this thing. So I make a note of it in my idea notebook (which is another Scrivener file):
“Professional mourners. Boys and girls trained to sing the dead to rest. Unmourned dead can rise up and make trouble.”
Just some random notes, and a note to go do more research on unusual funeral customs. There’s a book in this, somewhere, perhaps, but we’re a long way from that just yet and nothing may come of it. But that idea seed is in there, waiting.
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