Lots of staring at nothing today as I try to work out a pivitol murder scene in my head. How hard is it to just have Josik say ‘Kid, you’re an obstruction to my plans. Now die’? Really hard, apparently.

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Critical scene logjam just cleared up in my head.

“…those bang-ass lenses will translate it into something you can see.” – Killjoys, S2E1 Dutch and The Real Girl.
Randomly: I love Killjoys and it’s deliciously scummy tawdry little corner of a larger universe.
That line also brings up something I’ve been giving some thought to: slang, who uses it, what it is, where it’s used, etc. I need… at least two forms, I think, one for spacers and at least one for the (in my head at this time, increasingly weird) Pillar culture for New Novonikolayevsk (where Mara comes from).
One of the great little setting ideas in The Expanse is that spacers (Belters) use hand signals for lots of things, because it’s the only way to communicate quickly and reliably in a spacesuit.
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Stomach bug knocked out two days of work, there. 😦 Ow.

And it got me to thinking more about my doctor character, Mara. What sort of bedside manner does she have? She’s from one of the core worlds, one of the Nine Pillars as they are called. So far, the core worlds are:

Epsilon Eridani, 61 Cygni, Epsilon Indi, Tau Ceti, Groombridge 1618, Sigma Draconis, 82 Eridani, Lambda Serpentis, Eta Cassiopeiae A

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I do hope that someday I get to have part of a book illustrated by Rob Caswell.


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I use Pinterest boards to store art I like – the Writing Inspirations board has pics that either remind me of certain things, or that are vaguely like items or people I want to use in the books. Now, it could be anything in that pic. It could be the faceplate of a helmet, or the knee joints of an alien species. I have a Casting board where I stick pics that vaguely remind me of characters, and is there because my ability to draw is a wtetched thing indeed. I can picture most of my cast in my head. Finding pics to go along with that is usually pretty difficult.

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Elvira helped write about 2,000 words today, her head laid across one of my feet as I typed. So, you can blame her at least in part for the warehouse fight scene.

More worldbuilding: some research into shipping companies and global trade organizations to later blend into the Kerezov cartel, the Co-Op, and Trans-Indus Mercantile.

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Right now the novel is going through another early growth pain – I decided that the structure was not working, so I took a few steps back and revised the outline, then started putting scenes together to get to the place I want to be in.

Turcotte’s motives are stronger, and better explained. Some worldbuilding has been stuck in unobtrusive places. Forshadowing has been added.

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Digging Up The Streets

Outside, they are repaving the street I live on. Inside, I’m doing the same thing to the book. The Writing Excuses cruise was certainly right about a very specific thing: learning some of the things there made me want to rework the book from the bottom up. Characters need to be rebuilt, which means plots need to be reworked, which means structure needs to change.

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Lead, Follow, or…

I was at LibertyCon all weekend, and had a blast. It had a lot more content than normal, and as I’ve never been bored at a Libertycon, that means there was almost /too much/ stuff to do.
One of the unique features of Libertycon is the Mad Scientists meeting, led by Les Johnson, from NASA. Scientists and others discuss and debate the science achievements of the past year.
I was also reminded to think about how technology bypasses some people today when I was stopped for gas, and an older (but not that much older) man asked me for help at another pump. He was trying to decide which of the ones were unleaded gas. Thankfully Leaded gas hasn’t been sold in this country for just a tad over 20 years, now. Somehow, he did not know this. He was amazed.
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The First Novel

Right now I’m at about the half-way point. I need to go back and start looking at subplots to add, and the characters of the passengers and other crew.

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