Leonid Savovich Kostov – played by Yani Gellman. Private investigator and troubleshooter in the plague-ravaged SEATAC of 2123

Leonid is a former SEACAS National Security Force MP, CID Special Agent. He entered the NSF at 16 and served until he was 34. While serving at XX, he uncovered a conspiracy that (among other things) traded military-grade weapons to the local organized crime, while the syndicate made sure the base personnel were provided with drugs, sex, etc.

In bringing down the conspiracy, though, Leonid lost most of his friends and contacts. The remaining cabal and the ‘old boy network’ forced him out of service – the pretense being that his pseudobio enhancements had affected his mind. That put him on the streets with no protection against either the syndicate or the military personnel that didn’t go to prison.

He uses his training and skills to act as a troubleshooter and unofficial investigator – ‘friends in high places’ have prevented him from getting a proper PI license, so he has had to resort to sometimes less-than-legal means to get the job done.

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There are several Urbans on Enlil. They were meant to be temporary placeholders while terraforming was going on. With the revelation that the terraforming done so far was a patchwork fraud that was gradually going to undo itself, the economy collapsed, leaving these as the primary means of human habitation on the planet.

They are huge arcology-like buildings that hold roughly a million people each.


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The Jallan Ambassadors

Nobody  knows what the Jallans actually look like. The first ship to encounter them, Fountaine, in 2219, spoke them them only through voice on their end. The next contact with them, in 2225, was a surprise – they appeared in a mostly-human form resembling the Fountaine‘s Captain Paravhia Jalla. Each Jallan strongly resembles her, but the Jallans do not confine themselves to human coloration of eyes, skin, or hair so most are easily distinguishable.


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The Beggars

The Beggars appear in small numbers in human space. They make references to a large concentration of their people to anti-spinward and coreward of the human sphere, but few other races can corroborate this. Some other races, such as the Aixwhol, say the Beggars wiped out their small empire of worlds in an ages-ago war and now have to subsist on handouts from others.

Beggars are usually cyborgs of some sort, slightly more advanced than most human worlds. They extensively modify their minds with cybernetics and drugs in an attempt to unlock mental abilities they used to have. Nobody has ever been able to back this up.


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Mwongmi (뭥미)

The Mwongmi are a starfaring species. The Mwongmi humans generally meet are all cyborgs, specifically altered to travel to other worlds in relative comfort, encased in an armored shell.

The Mwongmi are a soft-bodied octopoid race about half the mass of an adult human in their natural aquatic environment. Inter-species intelligence gradients place them about 10% more intelligent than comparable humans. Mwongmi settlers prefer cool ocean-dominant worlds around F-type suns, but since most worlds require extensive modification for them to live unprotected, there are only a scattered few Mwongmi-dominant colonies. There are many enclaves in human space, generally space habitats.

Most Mwongmi humans meet are merchants or explorers. One of the primary Mwongmi drives is an emotional state that roughly corresponds to human curiosity leavened with satisfaction.

‘Mwongmi’ is a Korean-2 slang for ‘What the &*^* is that?!’


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Cast: Kiran Sha

A habitually-broke fuckup who has hit rock bottom, or so he thinks. Turns out there is a lot further to fall.

Kiran is a native of Mako. His parents threw him onto the last relief transport out before the Makon government fell to the rebels. He still sleeps on his father’s old military-issue blanket. He’s been in the same refugee dorm since he got to Enlil.

Traits: Fuckup, compassionate, observant, distracted, runs away from problems, loyal, nostalgic


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CSI Bots

MetroSec uses a series of tiny-to-large robots. The tiny CSI-bots are used by officers in the field to gather and analyze evidence. They can pick up and sort small objects, take audio, visual, scent records. The large hooded top part contains the central processor, power source, and network connects. The central body has the motors and analytical gear.


https ://–einikis/art/logistics-739336415



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ShoUit or ShoCo is a minor terraforming outfit in the Enlil stellar region. They are known for cheap deeds done quick, and often use questionable or unsustainable methods. They were brought in to make Enlil marginally habitable when it was first discovered, and they spent 70 years doing just that. Then the multiple unstable jump points were discovered and the value of the planet shot through the roof. ShoUit’s fortunes rose with it, but then their cut-rate methods came to light when a series of major earthquakes crippled Puerto Fortuna’s starport.


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Places: Puerto Fortuna

Puerto Fortuna was the largest city on Enlil until the Cartel Council decided to build a space elevator at the equator. This took most of Puerto Fortuna’s business and a substantial amount of its population. Now, the former starport serves as a testing ground, repair yard and fuel depot. Many abandoned buildings – even entire areas of the city. Commerce has shifted towards the desperate and sleazy.


Traits: Rainy. Always Nighttime. Corrupt. Poor. Patchwork Infrastructure. Envious. Factions.

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Cast: Vidikia

Vidikia is on the Puerto Fortuna Executive Council, the top governing body of the city. She has an above-genius IQ and has amassed a tremendous amount of influence.


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